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The Best Terms of Sale for Personal Property


Pleased to serve as your personal property broker for a single item or an entire estate, Selma provides a streamlined process, while you enjoy anonymity as a seller. She strives to select the most suitable venue in which to present your possessions for sale. With her extensive network of existing clients and dealers, she is often able to find just the right buyer for a particular piece. This results in the maximum amount you could expect to receive for the item.

If a sale directly to the end user is not possible, other avenues of liquidation are sought on your behalf. Whether that is an auction, estate sale, online venue, or a combination of those methods, rest assured the decision is based on your best interest.

Up for Bid

An auction is often times the top venue for particularly expensive or rare items, but it's crucial to select the correct auction house for successful liquidation. For certain items, a specialty auction house could yield the highest return. Selma has ongoing relationships with many auctioneers locally, regionally and nationally, from the most prestigious to internet-based sites. Let her help you choose a reputable, reliable auctioneer with the ability to obtain the highest bid on your valuables.

Selling Gold or Silver

Selma delivers directly to the refinery for a very small commission. She guarantees the amount is more than any retail buyer or jeweler can offer you.

Liquidation Estate Sales

Many years of experience in this liquidation format gives her the advantage in making sure it is right for you. Selma knows which dependable, respectable estate sale companies can empty your house and put money in your pocket. She offers complete assistance in the sale of any personal property or real estate holdings. She is also frequently hired for pricing jewelry, antiques, art, books, and collectible items for the sales.

Specialty: Pricing & Marketing

Make your sale the most profitable it can be! Selma is available to assist individuals and estate sale conductors with professional pricing advice on an hourly basis. Having conducted estate sales for many years, she understands what it takes to achieve success in the estate sale business. 

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That's why her full-service company offers comprehensive, personalized asset management, including consultation, appraisal, brokerage, and liquidation.